Friday, October 20, 2006

My little corner of the world...

I like to travel around the blogosphere - just to see on my laptop screen how other people are living and what it is that makes them tick! Every now and then I click on the links of some of my fellow bloggers (you can find them on the right hand side) to find out how they are doing. It's great to communicate with like-minded people, or to learn from bloggers with a different take on life.

Anyway, I guess that foreign visitors to my blog also want to get an impression of my little corner of the world in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, so I have uploaded some pics here. I made these photographs recently, during a walk on a Sunday afternoon. I like to go walking for an hour or two, just to stretch my legs and refresh my brains (or the other way around).

Hoofddorp, the place where we live, is a small but fast growing town with a relatively young population. I'm glad that there are still some spots left where you can enjoy the scenery and find some rest. The picture above is taken at the former Floriade terrain (a once-a-decade horticultural exposition / flower show which took place here in 2002. The next event will take place in Venlo in 2012!).

The earthen pyramid on the first pic is called Big Spotter's Hill (well, big for Dutch standards. This hill gives you a view of the former Floriade exhibition terrain and you can also see some planes taking off and landing at nearby Schiphol Airport). The second picture shows the so called Haarlemmermeer pavilion... I think this building is well-designed. It looks vacant now, but there used to be a small restaurant and an exhibition with some historic background information about this area.