Saturday, October 25, 2008

Please support Rebecca and School for the Girls

Picture left: Lydia showing our kikoy. Picture right: our daughters Sosha and Pascalle with their beautiful bangles from Kenya.

Some time ago I asked Rebecca Opetsi Alitsi from School for the Girls to give me some more information about her life and work in Kenya. Rebecca left a comment on one of my blog entries and through her own blog I learned a bit more about the good things she's involved in in her home country. Rebecca landed on my blog via Cori's blog.
I just want to tell you that I believe that Rebecca deserves your respect and support, because she is helping girls to earn some money by making beautiful kikoys that can be bought via Rebecca's website.
I did order such a beautiful kikoy and I would like to encourage other bloggers to do the same. Please have a look at Rebecca's website and do read the following information that Rebecca kindly gave me.

I am in Kenya which is my country and I am disabled with spinal cord problem, I am at the Catholic university of Kenya where I am doing social sciences so that I can work with the community, but I live in Kibera which is the biggest slum in Africa and the second in the world and I am handling the girls from the same area who have disabled parents or are disabled themselves. In total we are nine and trying to fund raise for our school fee and as well as to encourage each other.

Kenya is a very beautiful country with many beautiful animals like elephant, lion, cheetah, girrafe and many others. The only problem is poverty whereby children are not able to afford money for their fee and hence drop out of school and engage in bad things like drug abuse and even early parent hood which is very bad for them. And hence I decided to start this project whereby we make the kikoy and sell them so as to fundraise for the girl school fee.


school for the girls said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for writing about School For the Girls.
We Count it as a blessing for our group.

God bless you and your family

School for the Girls

Art said...

Very interesting Paul.

I hope you are doing well these days.

Cori said...

I've been following Rebecca's blog and her online activity for a while and have been so amazed at her innovation and motivation to make a difference in some very trying circumstances.

I'm glad you bought yourself some bangles an a kikoy, Paul! Let's hope more of us can follow your act!