Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just to say (almost) everything's okay

Haven't been blogging for a while - just because I am too busy living my life ;-)
This is a busy time of the year with book fairs and many other things to do. I am also involved in alpha in prison ministry and that activity takes some of my time too.
Just an update... Sosha (our eldest daughter) broke her right leg two weeks ago (at the end of her soccer training). She's doing well, but this was a very painful experience and she needs several weeks to recover from it. Her right leg (shinbone and fibula) was broken just above the ankle and the doctor has places a metal plate with some little screws under her skin to re-connect the broken bones.
We will go on a short holiday to the isle of Texel with our family - just as planned. But of course we will take it easy because of Sosha's situation.
Haven't been reading any blogs recently - sorry about that too... Just drop me a line if there's anything I really need to know. Blessings to all of you!


school for the girls said...

God Knows all the situation,
and he is always ready to help us.
I pray for Sosha.

Lord blessings