Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guest @ Cori's Blog

"You can have all kind of 'deep' discussions about God and the past and the future, but I think that it is amazing that we are able to think and discuss these things at all! Isn't it funny that we exist? Many people seem to take this for granted, but I am still amazed and excited about the fact that I am able to breath, walk, enjoy, think, sleep, dream, write, love and live!" (me @ Cori's blog)

Cori had some interesting questions for me about my country, my faith and about myself. She kindly permitted me to fill half her blog with my lengthy answers (sorry, Cori...) so that I have some space left here for this picture of me enjoying my existence. If you want to read this Q&A - have a look here. And please, do leave a comment!


Mike said...

Have a happy Easter full of peace.

Anonymous said...

Love the celebration picture.

Thanks for popping in. No problem about the "off-topic" comment. The purpose of your comment far outshadows the importance of all else!!!