Thursday, February 05, 2009

Climate changes in blogosphere

If I listen to the news from around the globe, I guess that one part of my blog friends must be sweating like crazy because of the extreme heat (Australia), while the other half will be shaking and shivering due to the extreme cold (North America). I just want to know from you, my dear blog friends, what you experience personally from climate changes in the area where you live right now. Please do leave a comment here and tell me

  • where you live and what kind of weather you are experiencing right now
  • whether or not these are normal circumstances for this time of the year
  • if you are personally worried about climate changes and what should be done about it in your country and all over the world
Let me start by saying that the weather situation in the Netherlands is quite normal for this time of the year. We were all happy that we had some frozen ditches and canals last month, because Dutch people love ice skating - as these pictures show you.
Maybe you can also write about the weather conditions in your area on your own blog and leave a link / trackback here in my comments.

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