Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lessons to be learned from rescued horses

You feel secure, everything seems to be normal. Until, one bad day, the high waves arrive. Now, in the centre of a storm, you find out how vulnerable you really are. But at the same time you discover the importance of protection within the safety of the group. When the storm comes, you want to have some solid ground to stand upon.

Unfortunately some have left the group and made some wrong decisions because they panicked. Sometimes it is just a big disaster and there's just no possibility to be rescued. But those who stand together, make this choice because they know that they are not strong enough to make it entirely on their own. They make the right choices so that they can't become helpless victims of the wild waves and winds.

Huddled together, finding some protection against the cold, standing strong as one. Here you are, chilled to the marrow. The days are hard, but the nights are even harder. But what would this be like without those surrounding you? What would have happened if you had made some other choices or if you had left safety too soon?

What a relief - help is on its way! The group stayed close together and didn't panic, collectively they were able to resist the forces of nature. Be thankful for this safe spot, even if this little island of peace has been attacked continuously by the elements. Stay calm, wait patiently until the tide is turning and new possibilities appear. Wait until daylight comes and the raging storm calms down. Don't give up hope, keep the faith, just keep trusting.

Maybe you can't see a way out. You need some guidance, some good directions from someone who knows a way through the dangerous waters. You can survive in this crisis situation by staying together, but you can't stay on a little island for ever. You need to move on, sooner or later! Come on, join me! Don't be too proud or too stubborn to follow. Thank God for a safe place and for showing a way through the waves. No, don't be afraid, just follow! Walk through the water, be careful, avoid the deepest places and stay clear from the highest waves.

We need each other. We can't make it alone, because on our own we are completely lost. But staying on a little island with a small group is no option either. Of course, together with other victims you can live through this situation for a while, but there comes a time for following good advice, there comes a time for a leap of faith. Learn from your mistakes, listen to wise guidance and take the right time to leave your temporarily comfort zone. In this way you can reach the shore and finaly find safety!

This text was inspired by the news story about a group of horses that was trapped outside the dikes and isolated for some days on a little sand bank in a flooded area near Marrum, Friesland (the Netherlands). Some 20 horses drowned, but most of them survived and were rescued last Friday. © text (c) Paul Abspoel - Wednesday November 8, 2006.