Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day at the North Sea Beach

Everybody in our little family wanted to stay at home today. Not me! I went to the beach near Noordwijk on this windy New Year's Day. It is not difficult to see why... Nothing like the wind and the waves if you want to have a fresh start of the year!

I would also like to share the smells, the sounds and the whole atmosphere with you. But for the real experience you'll just have to visit this place yourself! (Click pics to enlarge)


Art said...

Happy new year!

Vicki said...

Your photos are incredibly beautiful! Thanks for posting them!

Carolanne said...

I love your photos too and only came here after a visit to my beach today. I love the beach as it reminds me of how great and how powerful God is!
So you're dutch? A couple of my closest friends who I work with and go to church with are dutch. We go to a Reformed church at present, which used to be Dutch Reformed but they dropped the "dutch" I think to be more welcoming to people like me. (Aussies)

Paul Abspoel said...

Well, thanks guys. But remember: God made the scenes, I only made the pics