Saturday, October 13, 2007

Keeping track

This is my fast-paced world of
Laptops and cell phones
Where people in a hurry
Try to attend meetings
Where they can make
Their next appointments
Or sign new contracts
To do more work

Every now and then
I stop, sigh, smile
Shake my weary head
And ask myself:
Where on earth are we going
And for heaven’s sake
Why are we going there?


Mike said...

Amen to that brother. I have asked myself the same thing, action without direction, activity without purpose. How do we get off this bus?

Pastor David said...

A great glimpse into how quickly this world moves, and how often it seems that it moves quickly with no destination.

Pam in Colorado said...

I'm there with you and I don't work outside of the home anymore.

With home education, four children/young adults still in the home, my husband's job, building a home based business... the list is endless.

I see value in most things I am involved in, but a few may have to be cut from the schedule due to little to no purpose but definite time stealers!!

Glad you had some leaf walking time! I enjoy this time of year. Not sure if I appreciate Spring or Fall more.

Art said...

Paul - great thoughts. And very well said. Amen!

David said...

I agree. We need to learn to slow down and enjoy life more. It passes by too quickly.

Carol L. Douglas said...

I have the good fortune of really loving my work, but this week I was feeling exactly that way. Not enough sleep, resulting in really fuzzy thinking. Way too many people to see and work with in a short period of time.