Monday, October 08, 2007

My Very Own Easter Island Moai

So, here it is: my very own Easter Island Moai - made out of a gigantic Dutch potato and photographed twice against the background of a real Easter Island scenery on my laptop screen. You all have just a couple of days to beat me (until October 15, 2007 to be precise.) You still have a chance to claim this fantastic price: eternal fame in blogosphere! Vicki will be the Judge and Jury - so you better make sure that you come up with something really impressive and artistic! Click on the labels below to find out all about this. Come on, blog friends - don't let me down! Make a Moai statue and upload a pic on your blog. Leave a comment here to let us know about your contribution to this global fun project.
I will be in Frankfurt for the next couple of days to attend the Book Fair. I hope to be back on Saturday and of course I do expect to see some new entries for this exciting competition. What are you waiting for? And maybe Mike can try to get in touch with some islanders?


Vicki said...

Hey, Paul! Great carving of an Easter Island Moai! I didn't realize that you were so artistic!

Thanks, also, for googling the bit of prose I had on my blog...I usually go to Google first, but it just slipped my mind this time.

Have a safe trip!

Art said...

That's great, Paul! I doubt I'll have time to make one myself but I'll check on the results.

Carol L. Douglas said...

Wow--finally some real competition. And I am off to New York City so can't possibly make another entry, even if we had potatoes in the house.

It's a beautiful thing, Paul.