Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dutch Design and Engineering - Part 4

Let's hope that we can all do something against global warming and rising sea levels in 2008. To show you that the engineers from the Netherlands are already thinking ahead, have a look at this video showing the award winning floating city project from Delft University. This is their Deltasync website. There is also a floating city project from this University in Second Life - read more here. Today the new competition starts. Royal Haskoning is looking for students with inspiring, innovative ideas and creative solutions to adapt the Deltas of the world to Climate Change. Read more here.


Art said...

Happy New Year, Paul!

Carol L. Douglas said...

Isn't the North Sea rather rugged? If so, how will these cute islands survive a raging winter storm, without perhaps the tulip losing a petal or the floating island ending up in Oslo?

According to Wikipedia, the first terp (artificial dwelling mound) in the Netherlands was constructed around 500 BC which tells us that fluctuating ocean levels have been a problem for a while.

Perhaps you Dutch are tall to facilitate your wading skills.

Paul said...

Yes, the North Sea can be rugged and the Dutch have always been busy to defend themselves against rising water... The tulip idea is not serious, of course. I don't think that the people living close to the coast would like the idea of having such a long stretched island for their beaches. But they do have serious concepts for artificial islands in the North Sea - for instance as a new location for an airport.
Our Wadden islands (way up North, for the coast of Friesland) do wander in the northern direction. This is a natural process. But because we don't want to give them to our friendly German neighbours, they are protected and sand is moved from one side to the other to make sure that the islands stay right where they are. And this time I'm not kidding!