Sunday, August 19, 2007

Impressions from our vacation in Winterberg

Just some holiday pics from our family vacation in Winterberg, Germany. We had a great time! Most photographs taken by Robin (click pics to enlarge) The pic above shows the view from our balcony one night.

Sosha and Pascalle prepared a nice meal for us! (Pasta)

Sosha liked the space and gave us her 'worship pose' (this is now the new wallpaper on my laptop)

Look what a low camera view point can do! And my girls are pretty too, of course.

If you want to go for a walk - this is the place to be.

Sauerland - this is the scenery we will remember!

It's so nice to do things together, and we had some sunny days!

Clouds can be so intriguing... and it looks like the wind had some fun with them. (Another free wallpaper - if you like. First click to enlarge; then click the right mouse button and select "set as background")

Robin and Sosha in an 'American' Road House restaurant

Pascalle loves her big brother too.

And when the kids are enjoying themselves... the parents are also happy (yes, it rained outside, you can still see it on my sweater).

Robin ordered 'all you can eat' spare ribs and that's exactly what he got. He did not ask for a second serving, by the way.

We wanted Robin to be in this picture too, so he gave his camera to the waiter. And the waiter gave him his cool hat in return. What a nice guy he was. No negative things to report about our German neighbours, they were all very nice and friendly (and so were we, of course!)


little david said...

Looks like it was a happy family time, Paul. I am glad you got to have a vacation.

Mike said...

What a great vacation. Thanks for sharing. The weather looked great too.

Vicki said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family vacation, Paul. The photos are great (Robin did a fine job with them!).

David said...

Great vacation pics. Thanks for sharing.

Art said...

Great pics. I love that sunset!

Paul said...

Yeah, we had a great time. Thanks for the comments, friends!
I now wrote some captions to go with our photographs. Things to enjoy and remember...

Carolanne said...

Great photos and it was obviously a great, relaxing family time for you all. :)

Conny Vos said...

Leuk dat je er weer bent. Zo te zien hebben jullie het als gezin goed gehad. Sauerland, daar ben ik begin dit jaar geweest om tevergeefs van de sneeuw te genieten. Maar nu is het er mooi om te wandelen, met de hei in bloei. Hopelijk kunnen jullie er weer tegen dit nieuwe seizoen. Bedankt voor de (grappige) reacties op mijn weblog.