Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time for some interview questions!

Okay, finally I am ready with my list of questions for John, Luis, Little David, Jonboy and Carol! It is sometimes said that a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer, but I do hope that my questions make some sense and I trust that my fellow bloggers will come up with some witty, wise and thought-provoking answers! Please don't forget to follow the strict rules as published at the bottom of this posting!

Five questions for John (The Shepherd’s Staff)
1. You are a pastor, a shepherd. Please tell us some things about this occupation. And let us know: who is shepherding you?
2. Are there any opportunities in life that you regret to have missed and are there any dreams of the future that you would like to see realized one day?
3. Is there a part of Jesus’s message that you find hard to understand or obey? If so, please let us know which part and why.
4. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? Please explain.
5. Please name your favourite a) actor / actress, b) author, c) musician / artist and d) sports hero. Of course we would all like to know what you admire so much in them and why.

Five questions for Luis (Check list for a Jesus Christ disciple in Brazil)
1. The Church in Europe and North America is going through difficult times. What about the Church in South America in general and Brazil in particular?
2. What do you like most about kids and why? Is this a quality that we can still have or strive for as grown-ups?
3. Did you ever hear God or Jesus speaking to you in an audible voice? If so, please tell us about this experience. If not – how do you understand God’s will for your life?
4. If you could suddenly have a talent / gift that you don’t have right now, what talent or gift would that be and how would you use it?
5. Why on earth did God make mosquitoes?

Five questions for Little David (Gallimaufry)
1. Why do you call yourself ‘Little’ David? Are you really a small guy or just very humble?
2. What is the biggest challenge for the church today and what can individual Christians do about that?
3. You visited all the continents, except South America. What’s wrong with South America? ;-) And: if you had to move to South America, please tell us the preferred country and explain your choice.
4. The North Pole is melting. Do you care about this and do you think Canada, Denmark or Russia are entitled to claim the melted ice / the part of the globe where the ice used to be?
5. You have rescued a highly talented artist out of a life-threatening situation. As a reward he offers to make something for you – for free! Please dream with me – what kind of artist would you like this to be and what would you like him / her to make for you?

Five questions for Jonboy (My Prosopopoeia)
1. Just imagine. You’ve won a price and you can select one of these free options: a) a parachute jump, b) a hot air balloon flight, c) a guided deep sea dive. Tell us about your choice...
2. What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you? Please expand on it.
3. Please comment on this statement: ‘Atheists are living in denial’.
4. Is there a material thing that you’ve lost and really want to retrieve / repossess? If so, tell us about it. If you can’t think of anything, please tell us what material thing you would like to lose or which annoying habit you would like to get rid of.
5. What is your personal dream and what is stopping you from realising it?

Five questions for Carol (Watch me paint)
1. Please comment: ‘God is an Artist, but his art is not very accessible’
2. Who do you consider to be the greatest Dutch painter: Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent van Gogh, Pieter Mondriaan or Karel Appel? Tell us what you like about these famous Dutch painters and give us your explanation for the fact that there are so many artistic highpoints in the historic scenery of my flat little country.
3. What is your favourite Psalm? Please also tell us why.
4. What special qualities do you appreciate in your husband and children?
5. Outside this interview, what's the best question someone has ever asked you? If you don't know a good answer to this question, please feel free to select one of the questions that I have asked John, Luis, Little David or Jonboy and let us know your answer!


Luis F. Batista said...

Hi Paul, thank you for your questions, my answers are on the way!