Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bono talking and singing us through his unreleased song "Wave of Sorrow"

I guess it took years for Bono to find the right words to express all the horrible things that he and his wife Ali saw during their visit to a famine-stricken Ethiopia. This is a poet making beauty out of ashes. This is a contemporary prophet ans psalmist with a message that touches my heart. I don't think Bono has the answers, but he sure asks all the right questions. I can see and hear that this man is sincere. Look how passionate he is about what he witnessed in Ethiopia and about the song that finally helped him to express his feelings. Yet another masterpiece. Just listen to the beatitudes at the end of the song. These lyrics are awesome. Blessed is the spirit that overcomes.

"Wave of Sorrow is one of several rare and previously unreleased cuts which feature on the bonus audio CD of the remastered Joshua Tree." Source: ilike (Facebook application)


Art said...

I saw that on iLike yesterday. How cool. Like you said, he asks the right questions without necessarily forcing his answers on us. I like!

Anonymous said...

It is truly sad that the rap stars like pdiddy and lil-kim are filthy rich without contributing either a cent or a song to the plight of these thousands of cruely tormented peoples,surely in the cradle of civilization but clearly not a cradle,nor a people that are loved nor held in respect by the people that it once succored,shame on every christian especially black christians that drive new cars to thier million dollar homes and feel nothing for their origin.