Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Constant flow

Like radio waves and wireless internet, this connection is very real but also very mysterious. Yet you can rely on it, tap in to it, hook up with it and download thoughts and feelings from the Father’s heart. This flow is a constant flow – there are no technical obstacles or interruptions. If there is a connection problem, ask yourself: What is wrong on my side of the line? Read my reflections and prayers here


Mike said...

Peace and stillness. Slowing down and listening. Prayer. These are all things which I feel I need to pursue more to keep that connection with the Lord going

jonboy said...


David said...

"What is wrong on my side of the Line?" So much that most times I just try to ignore it. Thankfully there is God on the other side of the line with his free flowing grace. Thanks for the reflection Paul. Much to consider here and to be thankful for.