Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's show you around: IJmuiden Pier

This is my first 360° video clip - showing a view from the pier in IJmuiden. This clip was filmed during a walk with my son Robin on Sunday April 20, 2008. I want to upload more 360° clips on this blog, so that I can share some of the landscapes, interiors, surroundings, panoramic views and my favorite spots with the rest of the world.

So here goes: welcome to my brand new blog posting series called Let's show you around!

I am using a Sony Ericsson cell phone to make these clips. If you think this is a fun idea, please make your own 360° video clips and leave a comment here because I do want to see the locations that you like to visit in the place where you live on this beautiful globe.

Pic left: Google earth pic pier IJmuiden (red dot is the place where I made the video clip). Find this location on Google maps here. By the way, the IJmuiden pier is not a walkway with piles or pillars, but a breakwater with a solid foundation. As you can see in the pic left (click to enlarge) there are two piers in IJmuiden - they give some protection against the sea when ships enter the North Sea Canal, but I think that they are also constructed to keep the sea sand away from the port. It's nice to walk on these piers, but when the weather is bad, it can be very dangerous and you are not allowed to go there during a storm, of course. These piers are favorite spots for anglers too. See some pics on my photo blog.
Read more about piers and please do leave a comment here to tell me what you think!


Vicki said...

Paul, it looks like you walked a long way out on that pier! I like the idea of your new series. Seeing places I've never been (and may never see) is fascinating.

I've been doing something similar on a much smaller scale since we moved last month. Doc and I have set aside Wednesday evenings for exploring the area using the GPS and our camera. I've posted a few pics of those outings each time. Perhaps I should give it a name and make it a series? ;)

Mike said...

Looks like a windy day. Very cool

Tink said...

Ah, my beach, my pier! ;-)