Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lindisfarne Revisited

Recently I received this comment on one of my earlier postings on Lindisfarne (part of my Virtual Island Hopping tour):

Visit to the Community of Aidan and Hilda on Lindisfarne, December 2007, impressions of a new Way - I have done a retreate with CAH on Lindisdfarne in December 2007 and decided to become an Explorer with the Community. To be an Explorer means to write a Way of Life for oneself with guidance of a Soul Friend. This are two basic, elements of the Celtic spirituality as practised at CAH: pilgrimage and Soulfriendship. This brought a great challenge to my life, and which resulted already in a better balance, and that is bringing out the full richness of life much more. Basically it comes down to Contemplation-in-Action, which is all about living a contemplative life in the midst of our own sometimes turbulent daily lifes. We don't need monastries for doing just that, do we?

I am looking for like-minded people that are interested in this kind of spirituality. If you are interested don't hesitate to get in touch and contact me at my email (jcborger at cs dot com) or by leaving a comment here. Lets bring Lindisfarne just a bit closer to the continent! Johannes Borger in The Hague

Johannes, thanks for commenting and maybe you will find linkeminded travelers, seekers and soulmates here! Blessings!


Mike said...


I will send you an email. I too was impactedgreatly on the Holy Island. It is something I will never forget and plan to return.

I consider myself a Celtic Christian and look forward too meeting others who walk the same paths.

Carol L. Douglas said...

Johannes: my dear friend from Edinburgh just visited me last week and told me about your community. She urged me to learn more so I will write to you soon.