Saturday, May 31, 2008

Changes in my bloglist

Dear blogging friends, I have made some changes in my bloglist. Some fellow bloggers are not updating their blogs anymore and sometimes I just lose contact with them. I have deleted the links to some of these blogs and added some new ones.
I am excited about some new contacts that I have made through VerveEarth. And I am also excited about the fact that my photo blog has entered the top 100 of this blogging community!
As a Dutch blogger, writing in English, I am especially interested in finding bloggers from around the globe. Many of them are Christians too, so we already share something that is very important to me. But I want to be open minded and I know that having a certain world view is also to a high degree determined by the place where you are born. So I think it is also good to exchange views and opinions with bloggers with different cultural and religious backgrounds.
I hope to add some more bloggers from Asia, South America and Africa to my favorites, especially if they are also blogging in English. Keep an eye on my bloglist and let me know if you want to be added too, so that I can have a look at your blog to find out whether your blog will be a good addition! Unfortunately I am not able to visit all the blogs all of the time, but I do try to stay in touch with most of the people that are included in my blog list. Of course I appreciate all feedback in my comments section and IN-box (abspoel at gmail dot com). Drop me a line or give me a shout!


Mike said...


I enjoy your blog. The pics you take are amazing.

Vicki said...

It seems that every blog I've visited today has made changes to their template or to their bloglist (or both!).

Like Mike said, I really enjoy your blog and your photography. Sometimes, I'm bad about commenting. I usually read blogs through Bloglines and forget to "click through" to leave comments! I'm still over here and still reading!

Paul said...

Both you are welcome guests and I do appreciate your blogs too - without leaving a trace each time I visit. Thanks for commenting, you are keeping my blog alive.

A good guest leaves no traces, just good memories and a smile on some faces.

Yes, I did write this little poem myself! Don't know where it came from, just a spontaneous thought - ha, ha.

Mike, Vicki, it's great to 'know' you through blogging. Keep coming back, friends.