Thursday, May 08, 2008

Let's Show You Around - Afsluitdijk

Today we went to Friesland for a fun day with my colleagues from the publishing house. I will upload some pics later on this blog and on my photo blog, but first I want to show you around on the Afsluitdijk (Closure Dike) connecting Holland and Friesland. Check out my second 360° video clip above (first one here) and have a look at this location on Google maps here and watch a satelite pic here.


Vicki said...

Wow! That's impressive! Does it make you nervous to drive across that?

Paul said...

Hi Vicki! No, not at all. It is one big, straight motorway. The only worries I have are about speeding... because it is easy to put the pedal to the metal here! It's nice to stop halfway (where I made this short video recording) and see the Waddensea and the IJsselmeer on each side of the Afsluitdijk. Once I stopped here during a clear night and because there is no artificial light here, you can have a great view of the starry skies!

Mike said...


Thanks for sharing. Through these exchanges we learn a little more about each others world

Carolanne said...

I love the idea of a 360 look around so did one today - or am doing it right now.

I've loved visiting your blog - I've missed not coming here and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the video clip you have in the sidebar - the one of the poem/words.

Hope you have a great Sunday!