Saturday, May 10, 2008

De Eersteling - Hoofddorp

Today all windmills and steam driven water pumps in the Netherlands opened their doors for visitors: Nationale Molen en Gemalendag. We stayed at home and had a closer look at our 'very own' grinding windmill 'De Eersteling' in our home town Hoofddorp.

From Wikipedia: In 1856, the first windmill in the Haarlemmermeer was built in the centre of Hoofddorp by Dirk David van Dijk. It was called "De Eersteling" (The first). Due to increased building around the mill, it wasn't able to operate for a long time, but in 1977 the mill was moved to another location near fort Hoofddorp. It was operated regularly from that moment, and is open to the public.
Dutch website 'De Eersteling'. Also check out these pics from 1977 (moving the mill from the town centre to its current place)

Have a look at my PHOTO BLOG to see some more pics.

Today was just too hot for this big woolly sheep...


PickYourToxin said...

beautiful! recomment plz

Mike said...

Wonderful pictures.

david said...

I would love to take a vacation and tour the windmills. That sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting the pics.