Friday, August 01, 2008

Beijing beware!

I do think that we must use the Beijing Olympics to show the Chinese government that we are watching them closely and that they can't distract us from human rights issues by putting up a spectacular show.
In the Netherlands we have developed a special training program for our contenders. I did give you a sneak preview some weeks ago (sheep sprinting training session, check this), but soon we will send our full grown secret sheep to China in order to change this huge country from the inside out. Like lambs among wolves, that's right!
I have captured these two secret sheep on camera yesterday, but soon they will be heading for Beijing / Peking or 北京 if you want to be 100% accurate. Please also read this serious entry.


little david said...

Interesting! And mysterious. Glad to see that your humor is intact.

We just returned from our fifth trip to Kenya. It was full of new experiences about which I am beginning to blog, if you are interested.

Bob said...

It'll never work. Who ever heard of a great ruthless pagan empire being transformed from within by sheep who now nothing more than how to follow their Shepherd?

Paul said...

@ little david
Yes, I will certainly have a look at your blog to read more about your experiences! Thanks for commenting.

@ Bob. It'll never work? Ha! Mark my words, the sheep will gradually take over - but they need to stay in close touch with HQ - you are right about that.

Paul said...

@ Bob - thanks for commenting as well, of course. I forgot to write this, so now I have another comment here ;-)

Mike said...


Those sheep are on steroids.

Paul said...

No, they're not! These are 100% healthy Dutch sheep and they only eat grass (they don't smoke it like some people do).


Mike said...

I want those sheep tested ;)