Thursday, August 07, 2008

My rain picture on website national TV!

It rained today. And it rained a lot! I took this picture out of my office window and uploaded it on a website of our national TV-station (NOS) where people from all over the country can place their weather pictures. Some time later I received an e-mail from an editor informing me that she had used my picture on the news front page and their weather report page. How cool is that? Ha, ha.
PS Update August 8 - The pictures are already gone... :-( That's what happens with yesterday's news. But I did make this screen dump...


Anonymous said...

So can you now call yourself a professional photographer?

Paul said...

Yes, I can call myself a professional photographer, but it would be a lie. They didn't pay me for this great picture! :-( But I'm just a little bit proud that they selected this picture taken by an amateur!

Finnie Family said...

That is quite cool! It always feels good to get something published.

Hope you're well.

Bless you.