Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's wrong with Condoleezza?

I was expecting a very smart move. John McCain, Republican presidential hopeful, was surely going to surprise us with a brilliant running mate... Condoleezza Rice, of course! But wait a minute... I've just heard that he's now running with Sarah Palin! Sarah Who?
I haven't made up my mind about the US presidential elections yet - don't have to, being a distant Dutchman - but I am honestly impressed by Obama. Don't understand why he didn't select a strong female dance partner for this ball, but maybe he wanted to compensate his lack of experience in foreign affairs by asking an expert in this field (Joe Biden) to join him. Unfortunately Condoleezza wasn't an option for the Democrats... But my goodness, why on earth is John McCain dancing, excuse me, running with Sarah Palin? Okay, she's smart and beautiful, she's a mother at home and a governor in Alaska too. And let's not forget one major qualification: she is pro-life. Let's wait and see. But I still can't believe that McCain didn't ask Condoleezza Rice to become his strong, smart and beautifuly coloured female vice-presidential nominee.


Mike said...

Condi has made it clear she does not want the job. I don't blame her.

Bob said...

More than Condi not wanting the job, McCain doesn't want Condi. McCain (I believe rightly) sees the hand-wringers at the State Department as the problem with U.S. foreign policy.

Just out of curiosity -- which of Barack Obama's accomplishments impress you? What major legislation? What executive decisions? What reforms? What has he done since his election to the Senate two years ago that has so convinced you he would make a good chief executive?

Paul said...

Hi Bob - I am impressed by Barack Obama's personality - just like many people in the US and around the world. In the Netherlands it is safe to say that the majority of the people, from all different political backgrounds, are looking for change. It is not sure that Obama will be the change for better, but I do hope so. With McCain chances are that we will have more of the same.
My opinion on Obama is mainly based on the interview with pastor Rick Warren. I was impressed by his thoughtful and honest answers and he came across as an intelligent leader. Anyway, that's my opinion.
Like I said, I haven't made up my mind yet about this election. But I do believe that McCain's age is a risk and Obama showed the rest of the world that he is a capable leader - looking at his successful campaign so far and the prejudices he has to deal with as the first 'black' presidential nominee. Whether we like this or not, race is certainly an issue in US politics. Maybe that also explains why I would like to see a black man or woman in the highest office of the USA. I was hoping that Collin Powell would be the first black president, but if Obama is not elected, maybe Condoleezza will surprise us 4 years later?

Just J for now said...

It would shock me to hear that the McCain camp didn't first BEG Condi to run alongside McCain. I disagree with bob; McCain has done everything he can to align himself with the Bush White House.

Palin is a smart choice. She'll satisfy the Republican base (which has major doubts about McCain), and she'll bring in some Hillary supporters (just the novelty of being able to vote for a woman).

And now, with the new controversy coming to light, it's interesting to see the conservative Christian leaders rallying around Palin, proof that she's able to energize the base in way McCain has yet to do.

Mike said...

Palin is great. Here for once is a normal person. Someone who has worked her way up through the ranks. She faced heart ache with know she was carrying a disabled child and choose to give birth. Her actions speak louder than words on prolife.

The fact that her daughter is going to have a baby is not a negative in the political sense. It shows she is facing the same life issues as the rest of us. She is supporting her daughter and not running from the issue.

The only change Obama can bring is bad. Ilive in Minneapolis/St Paul. I have witnessed the dems rioting. Who wants people like this in government?

Obama reminds me of King Saul. He looks good but has nothing to back him up.

preacherman said...

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Art said...

I was surprised by McCain's choice too. I think it was a poor one...