Friday, September 08, 2006

Carried away

"Two thousand years ago, You came into Jerusalem in humility, Lord, just as You come into our world today. You stooped to conquer then and You stoop to conquer now by visiting our little lives - our miniature moments. Some people welcomed You then, and some people welcome You now, little realizing that accepting You as Saviour means accepting Your cross."

Jill Briscoe, The Deep Places Where Nobody Goes, p. 45

The only thing I contributed to my salvation was my sin

Jesus is a hard act to follow... He had to fight against temptations, but He never fell into temptation. I am so unlike Him... He carried the cross and - because of all the pain that we caused Him - wasn't able to walk without stumbling. The Roman soldiers ordered a man, his name was Simon, to carry the cross for Jesus. This is how my Lord arrived at his place of execution - and sometimes I still feel guilty about this. But why? Was it my sin that caused this suffering? Yes, I do believe so. Is He still blaiming me for this? No, I know that I am forgiven! Do I need to feel quilty? No - I just need to say Thank You. Or in two other languages - grazie, merci... which really means grace and mercy - so I'm told.

Jesus, sinless Saviour, You took my place. Thank You! Let me carry your cross, even if I stumble and fall time and time again. Please Lord, lift me up - renew my strength. As a human being, I can't finish this journey on my own - I wouldn't even know where to start. I desperately need your grace and mercy - right here, right now. I trust that You will carry me all the way. Amen