Monday, July 23, 2007

Dead Man Walking

Martha is worried about the bad odor that will spread as soon as the stone will be removed. But Jesus is not thinking about Lazarus' bad body odor, he is only focused on revealing the glory of God. Read more here.


John said...


Is all well? I miss your daily - sometimes daily-double (even triple) posts. Just checking in with you my friend.

Paul said...

No worries, John, I'm just very busy! We will go on a short holiday next Thursday and we are working hard to clean up our house because later in August the builders will come to change the shape of our roof at the backside of our house, so that we can have 2 medium sized single bed rooms for our daughters instead of the 1 big bedroom that they are sharing now.
I want to write one blog post soon with some answers to Art's interview questions, but then it is time for a 'blog fast'. I think that I will start blogging again end August / beginning September.
I hope you are okay too! Thanks for asking.