Thursday, July 12, 2007

Advocating Idealist

John challenged me to take the test and it turns out that I am an advocating idealist. Well, who am I to disagree? Mouse over any part of the box to learn more about the traits that the colours represent. Here you can read my personality description, and here you can take the test if you want to find out about your own personality traits.


Art said...

That's interesting... an advocating idealist.

Vicki said...

Interesting. That was a long test!

I'm a "considerate analyst."

Carol L. Douglas said...

I dunno--it said I was an "animated inventor" which is fair enough. But then it added:

"Try applying your creativity to more artistic arenas, and letting your imagination take less practical forms."

Isn't it funny that artistic is the opposite of practical in this world-view?

I think the gender identification is weird. I suppose it called me highly masculine because I don't care about clothes and I am generally more analytical than emotional (just not this week). But since when are these male traits?

Carolanne said...

The test is very thorough. I came out as a "Benevolent Director" and posted my results at my blogsite. Don't worry blogspot friend, I gave you credit. We blogspot bloggers need to stick together! LOL

Panda said...

@ Carol - same with me 'very high femininity'. Although I am not the macho type, I don't like to read this! "Slightly low openness" is also strange - just look at my blog. And how do they match this with "very high extroversion"?
But hey, I think all these colours are cool and in general I recognized myself in the character description. But I do like beauty and care about good style and matching colours (again, check my blog and look at my photographs), but if I have to buy something, I want to have real value for money and don't follow the latest trends.

Carol L. Douglas said...

I liked the dumpy grey for “slightly low attention to style.”

IMHO, you got high scores for femininity because you are compassionate. Silly.

This test was done by ATTAP technologies. Although they don’t identify a physical location, their press contact has a San Francisco phone number and the players are Silicon Vall-istas.

In my experience, people who blow smoke about how they think “out of the box” are often actually rigid conformists at heart. So the traditional gender identifications crack me up.

ATTAP’s website also says, “I may not be assumed to be part of any aggregate; social, political, religious or commercial, unless and until I choose to be considered so…” (But I will consider YOU to be part of an aggregate, you (insert personality type here), you.

Are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? It was a huge trend in industry a few years ago to give everyone this test—in theory it would allow people to understand how they and others interacted. I think it’s a better test, but certainly not perfect.

I took it as part of a congregational development class, and that is also really weird, since one would HOPE that a church would understand that they are a different type of community entirely. (BTW, I am an ENTJ.)

John said...

Hi Paul!

Fun to see the response you've gotten from this "tag". Just wanted to let you know I have finally gotten around to responding to your tag. Be blessed. More Guatemala news is forthcoming soon!


John said...

Oh yeah, for the record, I am a "Benevolent Creator".


Phil & Sue said...

Apparently I am a Benevolent Creator. It took a while to do, but hey who can argue.

Panda said...

@ John and Phil
Our God is a Benevolent Creator too - so both of you are in very good Company. Congratulations!