Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kurt Cobain joined Hillsong United

If only it were true. Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain was elevated to icon status after he took his own life back in 1994. Truly a sad story. I think Cobain was a great singer and I still wonder whether somebody ever told him about Jesus. "Break my heart for what breaks yours..."
Anyway, have a look at this Hillsong United clip and you will see why I had to think about Kurt. The beautiful lady needs to comb her hair as well (yep, I'm such an old fashioned man). Her name is Brooke Fraser and she has the stunning good looks of Princess Cleopatra in her haydays (believe me, I can still remember.) But I think Brooke's voice is way better. Hossanah in the highest! And let's hope that we will see Kurt Cobain again one day - rocking in the heavenly choirs. God only knows. (Don't forget to watch Brooke's videos.)


Carolanne said...

She does have a beautiful voice.
I've never been to Hillsongs even though I live in the same country. Maybe one day...