Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SCC is a Rookie (in blogosphere, that is)

Rodney wrote a posting about a new kid on the blog: SCC. Yes, that's the one and only Steven Curtis Chapman! So of course I wanted to be the first Dutch blogger to leave a friendly comment on one of his first blog entries. Just to encourage him - for a change...


the Finnie's said...

Hi Paul

Love your new look for the Blog, very cool.

Bless you


Paul said...

Hey, good to hear from you, Dean! And thanks for the compliment. I used the new Windows Vista PowerPoint software to create the BUT A POOR REFLECTION picture. And I am happy with the black background too. Now my words full of light really stand out ;-)
I always keep an eye on your blog - may the Lord continue to bless you. (I'm sure He will)

Pam in Colorado said...

Paul, I tried to give you a pretty little link, but nothing would work, and since my knowledge base on how to do such a thing is sooo limited, it was pretty hopeless at the time.

I will try what you said, but I didn't understand a thing about it. :(

Mike said...


thanks for mentioning SCC. It will be a blog I visit from time to time