Sunday, September 09, 2007

Easter Island, here we come!

Okay, visitors from outer cyberspace! Mike asked me to continue our interesting virtual island hopping tour and who am I to say no? So... pack your backpacks and follow me on this next stage of our world-wide expedition. Let's all go to EASTER ISLAND!

Mike doesn't know this yet, but I have just decided that he will be my assistant tour guide... so he will help me with finding some interesting information and getting in touch with the locals (don't know whether there are any islanders out there with internet connection, but finding out about this is part of the fun.)

This is our mission: we need to find out as much as possible about this island's location, geography, history, culture, population (if any), natural environment and spiritual state. My most important questions are: did the message of Easter ever reach the hearts and souls of the islanders, does the island have a rich Christian heritage and is there still a community of Christ followers that we can get in touch with today? I need all the help I can get, so you are all invited to send me useful links, cool pics and email-addresses from all your friends and relatives living on Easter Island (I'm sure you will all have some contacts there...)

There is also a special competition connected to this adventurous expedition: I want you all to make a picture of your very own Easter Island Statue - made from a potato, a piece of clay or cabbage or any other useful material. Upload your picture on your own blog and leave a comment here so that I can have a look at your creative masterpiece. The best home-made Easter Island Statue will receive eternal glory in cyberspace (thanks for the correction, Vicki) and the winner will be announced at the end of our tour. The winner will be selected by Vicki (President and only member of the jury) - before October 15, 2007. I am not a member of the jury, because I want to participate in this competition myself and I intend to win!

Why do we go to Easter Island? Well, because Mike asked me to go there, but also because I just found out that Easter Island was found and named by its first recorded European visitor, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen. Yep, I come from a small country, but we did explore the entire globe in the past and I am planning to do it again. This time with the help of modern technology, some good blogger friends and nothing but peaceful intentions... Join me and start blogging about this exciting expedition and competition, so that we can make some waves and raise some attention for this virtual journey through cyberspace.
Click here (first island) and here (other visited islands) if you want to find out more about earlier stages of this tour!


Vicki said...

Oh, this will be fun! Golly, I've never been a...THE...member of a jury before! Thank you for the honor! I hope we get lots of entries. I'm looking forward to seeing the creativity of your readers.

As for the prize, we can award the winner eternal glory in the blogosphere, but for heavenly eternal glory, that comes from believing in our Lord Jesus Christ! (But we'll be happy to provide any information or assistance!)

I'm looking forward to learning more about Easter Island! Thanks, Paul and Mike!

Mike said...

We are off. This should be exciting. I know next to nothing about this place so I will have fun digging around.

The Dutch are always discovering things. Why is that?

Paul said...

Our country is so small - where else can we go? ;-)

We have a drive to go away and find more space, new horizons. That's probably part of the explanation. But I guess it also has to do with the fact that the Netherlands are located at sea and we have a history of trade and transportation (also due to the river Rhine).

little david said...

Well, count me in. I will start the thinking process immediately: What materials could be used for this sculpture?

When we lived in Hawaii, my son Greg worked for a wholesale tropical fish company that often received shipments from the Easter Islands (and other isolated Pacific isles).

Vicki said...

Little David - be creative! If you can build it, I'll judge it! It just needs to be recognizable as one of the Easter Island statues. I will be judging on creativity and appearance.

All participants: please leave a comment here to let us know that you have posted your entry. Thank you!

Also, please be sure that the material and the method are legal and moral. ;)

Carol L. Douglas said...

Darn! Finally a contest right up my alley, but I am traveling next week so will have to leave the sculpture to others. Look forward to seeing the results.

Paul said...

@ Carol - There will be plenty of time, Carol. Come on, how much time do you need to cut a potatoe? ;-) Have a good journey!