Monday, September 24, 2007

Roof extension and extra bedroom

Today the builders will come to change the shape of our roof and create space for an extra bedroom. Our daughters Sosha (13) and Pascalle (10) share one bedroom now, but this room will be enlarged and split in two separate bedrooms. I hope to upload some pics here to show you the changes that will take place during the next 3 weeks.
This is the current situation and the new situation as already realised at one of our neighbours' houses. (Click pics to enlarge)


Vicki said...

How exciting for you all! I think it's great that you allowed the girls to be creative on the walls, even though it will soon disappear.

Art said...

Good luck with this project, Paul. At least you had the good sense to hire someone to do this for you (unlike me:)

Paul said...

Well, did I have an option, Art? I am not really a DIY type of guy. For some tasks you need to hire professionals. But I can make good coffee.