Monday, September 24, 2007

The writing is on the wall

Our girls took advantage of the fact that their bedroom will be completely changed. They chalked some drawings and texts on the wallpaper of their bedroom - and I made some pictures of their art work just before the builders started their work!
Sosha loves football and you can still tell where her bed once was... Of course she took all the posters with her sporting heroes off the wall after these pictures were taken. The text in the second pic states: I'm God's Original Creation. So true. (Click pics to enlarge.)


Carol L. Douglas said...

I assume the faces were drawn by Sosha? Your girl has ability. Maybe you should invest in paper to further her art career...

Paul said...

Well, we invest in school, football training and music lessons... She is a girl of many talents. Our kids do use all our printing paper for drawings, writings and sometimes even homework projects too!
Pascalle just started an art course - but all three of our kids love to draw. Robin prefers to use the computer, but he is quite good at it too!