Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue skies, white trees

All the trees give glory to God. Whether people notice it or not. CLICK


Anonymous said...

The tree almost looks like a giant snowflake against a beautiful blue sky.

Merry Christmas, Paul, and to the rest of your family, too!

Carol L. Douglas said...

Wow--it looks a lot like Rochester, except we have no sun.

My Christmas goal is to build a snow castle in the front yard with my son. But right now the snow is old and icky--we need a fresh batch. Just not on Christmas Eve, when we must drive to Buffalo.

Christmas blessings to you and your lovely family.

Michael said...

Hi Paul,

Indeed it was picture time last weekend, the cold, the fog, some light powder snow. Perfect to make some nice picture for coming christmas cards...
Very nice pictures, might be posting some of my pictures soon.

Have a good time, Michaël