Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woestijnpost book presentation

Today I was in the Hague for the official presentation of Woestijnpost (= Desert Post), a book published by us (Ark Boeken) in close co-operation with NCRV, a Dutch Christian Broadcast Organisation.

The book consists of a collection of radio columns from Dutch chaplains - militairy pastors who provide spiritual guidance for the Dutch soldiers based in Uruzgan - and is illustrated with full-colour photographs showing Dutch soldiers, Afghan civilians and policemen working together for peace and stability in the Uruzgan province.
The Dutch soldiers are part of a NATO force and it is their task to maintain order in Uruzgan province. They will also attempt to develop political and economic infrastructure and to train the Afghan police. Read more here.

Pic below: Leo Born (left, chairman NCRV) presents the first copy of the new book to Eimert van Middelkoop (Dutch Minister of Defence).

Click on this link if you want to listen to some mp3 files (streaming audio in Dutch).


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, like you I was present in the church and I received a copy of "Woestijnpost" myself. I placed a reference on a website I frequent, and I linked your remarks and the photograph of the presentation there.

Paul Joosten

Paul said...

Thanks, Paul! I did try to have a look at the forum posting, but I couldn't find the information you are referring to. However, I do appreciate the link and your friendly comment. Please let me know how you ended up here!

Carol L. Douglas said...

Beautiful cover on that book...