Sunday, December 30, 2007

Walking to church

I decided to walk to church this morning. That is not so difficult, because it takes about twenty minutes for me to go there by foot. Or thirty minutes if I stop to take some pics :-) Our church used to be a farm. From this side (pic above) you can see our pastor's house (right), the youth church X-pact (large barn in the centre) with the wooden buildings for our 'Meerkids' (left). On the other side of these buildings - not visible in this pic but visible in Google map's satelite pic in bird's eyes view (click to enlarge) - there are two large barns, once build to store potatoes, but nowadays used to bring in an other harvest... On the right hand side you can see the parking lot. Our church is located in Haarlemmermeer - a polder that used to be a large lake. We live 4,5 meters below sea level.
This is our church website and now you can also watch a video from our Christmas celebrations (5600+ vistors in 7 services this year!). The sermon by Rev. Wigle Tamboer is in Dutch, of course, but you might enjoy listening to the opening song.


Mike said...

Wow. That rocks.

you know there is something about walking to church rather than driving. For me it allows a comtemplative pace where I can be at peace.

Mike said...

Just wanted to say. Happy New Year.