Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pure Coincidence

Our son Robin (14, right) playing the electric guitar in his school band Pure Coincidence - his first live gig! The band was performing a song by Kelly Clarkson, called Addicted. Every year his school is organising a show called On Stage where students can show their talents.


Art said...

Paul, that is so cool. I'm starting to think you are really proud of your kids :)

Carolanne said...

I like Kelly Clarkson.
It's a good thing to be proud of your kids! Hey, your son is the same age as mine!

Did you know that dutch people are apparently the tallest people in the world - on average?

Panda said...

@ Art - well, you could be right!

@ Carolanne - Yes, I did know that, but I am trying to keep the average down with my modest 1,73 meter! Robin is already taller. If you look at him standing next to Lydia, it makes you wonder how on earth she has ever delivered this big guy!
We enjoy having kids in this age (9, 12, 14 years) - they are growing up so fast and the relationship changes from 100% parenting to trying to manage a household of 5 individuals. Yesterday I was singing and playing guitar with Robin, while Sosha (12) played flute / sang with us. When it comes to using the computer, playing guitar or speaking English, there is some role-change going on. I get the instructions nowadays and I really enjoy it!

little david said...

Good for Robin! Playing in a band is a valuable experience for kids. Our son Greg went to Australia with his band (see and wound up staying there. It has been a grand adventure.

Panda said...

@ little David - thanks! If you ask me, I'd rather have my son staying with us here in the Netherlands (but hey, he's only 14 - almost 15 now!), but if he grows up, I want him to conquer Australia and the rest of the world by storm. (With his music of course!) ;-)

the Finnie's said...

Hi Paul, sorry for not saying 'Hi' for a long time. The new Blog looks great, keep it up.

There's a boy to be proud of! You've obviously done a pretty good job between you of parenting your kids.

God bless