Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Do you want to get well?"

What a question. What an answer!
Update March 21
Read more here and feel free to join the interesting discussion that is going on right now in the comments section of my Reflections devotional blog. It's great to ponder about God's Word and his amazing grace with fellow believers. We don't know all the right answers, but it is good to ask all the right questions. Blessings to all of you!


Carolanne said...

It was a great post.

I also like the picture. Very interesting!

Art said...

Yes, it was great and I like the pic too. WHere did you find that?

Panda said...

The pic is my 'own' creation. I just collect some images and fool around with them in Paint Shop Pro (Photoshop for dummies). I use a special effect that makes the images look like paintings. Maybe one day I will try to make REAL paintings based on these ideas! I certainly need more spare time to be able to do that, but who knows? Blessings

Vicki said...

Paul, your Reflections post was definitely a good one - there is more to that passage of Scripture than I've ever considered. Your continuing discussion with Carol provided so much more...thank you for taking the time to put all this before us.

I think you do a great job with Paint Shop Pro...I have stared at that picture several times and wondered where in the world you found it! I've also wondered about the hands and to whom they belong...

It's great! Thanks!