Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whatever the costs

Watch Mary pouring
Blessing her Saviour
Her heart full of love
Beating with passion
Ready to give
Whatever the costs

Hear Judas complaining
Looking for profit
His greedy hands
Grasping for silver
Ready for betrayal
Whatever the costs

Beware of the priests
Whitewashed tombs
Grinding their teeth
Searching for chances
Ready for the kill
Whatever the costs

Look at my Master
Crying and bleeding
Two outstretched arms
Signs of His mercy
Ready to forgive
Whatever the costs

Lord, we your people
No longer slaves now
Our heads lifted higher
Waiting to see you
Faithfully working
Whatever the costs

Inspired by John 12:1-19


Vicki said...

So touching, Paul!

Any plans to publish your beautiful poetry into a book? I'd like to order the first copy...autographed, of course!