Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Short Serenade

look at me
standing here
under your balcony
a confused lover

not knowing
where to look
too shy to talk

i brought you nothing
but the roses which i picked
from your own

i can only give you my


Panda said...

I wrote this poem in Dutch and I am struggling to translate it properly. In my language I used 'your blood owned garden' - referring to the garden where Jesus, Lord of heaven and earth, was wrestling in prayer before He saved his loved ones by dying on the cross. Now I've changed the meaning slightly, by speaking about 'blood sprinkled garden' (Jesus's agony began in the garden of Gethsemane with the sweating of blood). It's not easy to express what I feel... but that's what poetry is all about!

Vicki said...

Some things are just too deep and precious for our mere words.

I can understand the difficulties in translating from one language to another! I am so thankful that people like you care enough to learn to speak English; it's definitely not a priority in the United States to learn another language, although it should be. Thanks, Paul!

Vicki said...

Paul, I keep returning to this poem. The more I read it and study it, the more I really like it! A good poem keeps the reader coming back for deeper study and interpretation.

Thanks, again!