Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And another comment from Jan Mayen!

"Theory is when you understand everything, but nothing works - practice is when all works OK but none understands why. At this station we combine theory and practice so nothing works and none understands why."

Per-Einar Dahlen writes, "I was the webmaster and constructor of the Jan Mayen website. We got internet on the island in December 2000 and a few days later the website was online. Jan Mayen was named after a Dutch sailor in early 1600's. At the peak there were more than 1000 Dutch on and around Jan Mayen. They catched whales around the island and making blubber ashore. A lot of the names on the maps are still Dutch and Beerenberg (Beeren-Bergh originally) was named by the Dutch sailors too" :-)

Thanks, Per-Einar - you are now by far the coolest guy from Jan Mayen! Thanks also for translating the sign, it is even funnier than I already thought it was! :-) And I do solemnly swear that I will never catch a whale (or hunt a polar bear) myself. Animals are cool too!

I just discovered something else. No, not an island this time, but a rock band called Jan Mayen! You see, I was right all the time: Jan Mayen really ROCKS!

You can also have a look at an old Dutch map of Jan Mayen here
(1670 by Joan Blaeu, Amsterdam, Holland: 1596-1673)


Vicki said...

That is so cool! How nice of the Jan Mayen residents to reply and provide so much information. There could be a lot of truth in the quote, too... that's funny!

Thanks, Paul, for helping to expand our knowledge. So, where are we going next?

little david said...

Ha-ha-ha! I love the quote! And how cool that it is an official placard! Did your respondent send the photo of the bear also? You struck it rich with Jan Mayen, Paul.

Panda said...

@ Vicki - I don't want to reveal yet where the next episode of my virtual island hopping project will bring us... But I do have an idea already!

@ Little David - No, the bear photo is just a funny pic that I wanted to post because it's warm and cold at the same time. Yes, the sign is great - now I know they have a good sense of humour over there too!

Carolanne said...

That is very impressive!
I am so looking forward to our next island visit.

By the way - love the photo!