Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Want some music with that?

Before reading my recent postings, please take some time to listen to Kirk Franklin. Turn on your speakers to the max and click this and - when you want some more - click this. And if you still want some more, be a good boy or girl and buy the CD in an official record store! By the way, I've nicked these links from Katrín - a young lady with a warm heart and two cold feet (just my guess, because she's living in Iceland. Although, on second thought, she might be living on a volcano so maybe her feet are on fire right now.) Anyway, she does have a good taste in music. First song: Hold Me Now. Second song: Lean On Me - easy to recognize Bono's voice on that second one. Two great songs for free - yes, Katrín, Life IS Beautiful and so is your artwork!


Art said...

Hi Paul. Not my favorite style of music but I love the words. Katrin's artwork is great too.