Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today winter has finally arrived in Holland!

Today, February 8th, winter has finally arrived in the Netherlands. These pictures were made at 13:00 in my street! I took the camera with me when I had to bring our youngest daughter to school. Not bad for an amateur photographer like me, right? Click pics to enlarge

Do you want to see more winter pictures from our country? Have a look at this site!


Vicki said...

Great photos, Paul! I do enjoy seeing photos of snow, but I don't really miss living with it (I live in Florida - snow is very rare here).

Phil & Sue said...


I love your blog. We read all the same stuff. I have 2 Blogs The other is called Launderer's Soap

Keep writing


Carolanne said...

I especially love the one with the snow on the top of the rose!

Carolanne said...

May I keep a couple of these photos in my file please, Paul?

I have a feeling I may need them to encourage a couple of my dutch friends who are going through a tough time right now and this might be something special.

Panda said...

Sure, Carolanne! Let me know if you need more digital copies - I can mail them to you. You can also point your friends to my site - for some extra encouragement.