Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jan Mayen - One more friendly reply

Johan Hustadnes replied to my email about his expedition to Jan Mayen:

Hi Paul and thanks for your mail. Nice to see that you take interest in this beautiful island. Your blog is very nice. I think Dutch people have some kind of addiction to wild nature, I keep meeting them on strange places. You might have found my personal website before, but anyway, there is more about Jan Mayen. Keep up the good work! Johan :)

Yes, Johan, the Dutchies are everywhere ;-) Even in the wild wild world of the blogosphere! And - I hate to admit - i have been to Finland, Sweden and Denmark, but not to Norway yet. I know, I know, I must visit your beautiful country soon, but maybe I am just saving the best for last. But I will surely visit your website again. Thanks for your kind reply, my friend.

Check out Johan's website here!


Vicki said...

The photos in his website are incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, I'm unable to read the text. Thank you for the link!

Vicki said...

Oops...I found the "English" button on his blog. Thank you, again, Paul, for this link.