Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Most beautiful island in the world

Jacques Cousteau visited Cocos Island in 1994 and christened it the most beautiful island in the world. From what I've seen so far - just check out these video clips on YouTube - he must be right. But I am still waiting for a comment on my postings from somebody who has been to this island recently and still lives to tell... All help will be highly appreciated!


Vicki said...

From the photo accompanying your post, I'd have to agree with Cousteau - it's beautiful!

Thanks for the link to the videos!

Art said...

Yeah, that looks beautiful! The videos are great.

Carolanne said...

It is beautiful.
I am so glad you are taking on these island tours, Paul. You make a great tour leader with all your information and photos/videos.

Panda said...

No replies yet... :-(
But maybe I must be a little bit patient?
This is what I wrote to the Tico Times ( English Newspaper in Costa Rico):

Hi! I am a Dutchman and I am looking for somebody who has visited the beautiful ISLA DEL COCO. I am blogging on and right now I an doing some 'virtual island hopping'. This is just a fun game - I try to learn as much as I can about an island that is far away and unknown to me. I try to get a reply from somebody from that island (if possible) or a comment from someone who has been there and can tell me a litle bit more about it. Many blog readers enjoy this info and I would highly appreciate some help from you! Have a great Easter and greetings from the Netherlands!

Dive Guru said...

Hi, I have not been to the islands yet, but I have met loads of people who have been. I also have the dvd of the island. I am a Dutch dive shop owner in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica and get to hear all the dive stories. The island is popular for the many sharks the divers encounter especially the famous hammer heads. People are not suppose to enter the island. The stay on the live aboard boasts. I have seen great pictures also of a bird that seems to live there. The baby almost looks like a white poodle. Good luck on your search and if you want more details i can get some people to write for you.

Martin & Brenda van Gestel
Rich Coast Diving
Costa Rica