Friday, April 13, 2007

Swans and moorhens - living apart together

There is another nest with a pair of swans close to where I live (see yesterday's post). Father stays high and dry and is always on the lookout for possible danger. Mother is brooding the whole day near the waterside. Click pics to enlarge!

Today I noticed some moorhens (gallinula choloropus or waterhoen as we call them in Dutch) near the swan's nest and I was surprised that both swans tolerate these little birds in their direct vicinity.
I approached them carefully from the other side of the canal and noticed that both pairs are nesting almost on the same spot! Isn't that funny? I intend to keep an eye on both happy families... And I am so sorry for the plastic bottles and other garbage floating around in the water across my street and spoiling both our living environment and my pictures :-(


Vicki said...

It is sad to see that litter is in your beautiful country, and not just ours.

I'm surprised, too, that the swans allow the moorhens to roost nearby. I always thought swans could be a little mean when strangers (and strange birds) come too near their territory.

Mike said...

Does this not speak to the wonder of GOD's creation and the waste of man

Panda said...

"Trumpeter swans are generally intolerant of human disturbance during the nesting period, particularly if the nesting pair are young birds or if the nesting territory was established in the absence of human activity. A common result of human disturbance is nest abandonment and the resulting loss of production for the year." Source:

The swans in our street are used to having people around them, so I don't think that they will abandon their nest so easily. There is traffic, kids playing, adults walking their dogs etc.