Friday, April 06, 2007

Pinned-down butterfly

pinned-down butterfly
heavenly beauty
pierced by
horror from hell

fly away
if you can
you saved others
save yourself too

but the butterfly shows
all his true colours
and all the dark forces
truly exposed
don't seem to know
how wrong they are

just assuming
that he's powerless now
not able to fly again
they are all in
for a big surprise

this colourful one
this stunning beauty
is the great exception
so let's all wait and see
who's laughing

Pic right: detail from White Crucifixion by Chagall, 1938


Panda said...

I wrote this poem in Dutch first - hope it makes some sense in English too...
Blessings to you all.

Carolanne said...

It makes a lot of sense in English. Very powerful.

I've really appreciated the focus of your posts this Easter. They've challenged me to prepare my heart as I remember Christ's suffering, death and resurrection.

Thank you.

Vicki said...

It does make sense, Paul. Like Carolanne said, "very powerful!" The analogy comes through well.

Thank you!