Saturday, April 21, 2007

Visit to London 15-17 April 2007

Big Ben
Have a look at my photo blog to see some pics from my recent visit to the London Book Fair.

Look at the cross shaped shadow on the pavement...

No parking problems in Kensington - if you know how to park Smart...

Last Sunday (April 15, 2007) I attended a sermon by Rev. Rico Tice in All Souls Church Langham Place, or John Stott's church. You can listen to the same sermon if you click here!

(Of course it's not really John Stott's church, but you'll know what I mean...)


Mike said...

Yep. We know what you mean. London is the city I was born and grew up in. I will be paying a visit to family in May.
Thanks for sharing the pics it brought back many good thoughts.
What did you think of "all Souls"?

Panda said...

Hi Mike!
I really liked All Souls and the people made me feel welcome. Rico Tice's sermon was also very good and I love English hymnes, so it was a blessing to be in this church and feel part of God's family - even as a one time visitor from abroad! Secretly I hoped to see John Stott as well, but of course it is not about him. I highly respect him as a Bible teacher and we are publishing the Dutch edition of his devotional book Through the Bible Through the year. (I work as a Publisher at