Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reply from Sherry and Larry Sietsma!

Tonight I received this kind email from Sherry and Larry Sietsma (see my recent posting about their flight around the world):

Hello Paul,
You are correct about the Frisian origin of our name. My Grandparents came to the USA from Leeuwarden in the 1880's.
The flight around the world was a trip of a lifetime, an unbelievable experience. One could say it was spiritual in that God protected us throughout our journey and his handywork was clearly evidenced everywhere.
Our website describes the experience. We would highly recommend such an odyssey to anyone with the training and experience to pull it off.
A few summers ago, we flew our aircraft around the USA. Then, a year later, we flew it around the world. We since have contacted NASA to see if they can fit the plane with rockets to sufficiently propel us to the moon. They told us that they could do it but they cannot get us back again. We are only kidding about the moon part but what else can one do for an encore?
Best wishes to you and your readers in any adventures that you undertake. And we do encourage you to take them.
Sherry and Larry Sietsma
PS. I do not have access to posting material on your website so you may do it for me, if you like.

Thank you for this kind reply, Sherry and Larry! If you ever decide to fly to the moon, it would be nice if you could plant a Frisian flag on the surface. And while you are there, please put the stars and stripes back up again! (Read this)


Carolanne said...

It was kind of them to reply and they seem like wonderful people.

Vicki said...

That was such a nice reply! Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm just amazed that I had never before heard of the Sietsmas and their accomplishment.