Friday, June 29, 2007

Dig deeper for some interesting comments

Hi, this is your virtual island hopping tour guide speaking. Please take some time to read the interesting comments that I recently received on my postings about Lindisfarne / Holy Island. This blog really has two layers: don't pay too much attention to my superficial thoughts and ramblings, but please go one layer deeper if you want to read the real interesting comments from people who actually know what they are talking about. For instance because they really visited the islands that I am only daydreaming of. Enough said - go deeper, please - and feel free to leave some traces in the intriguing underground world of blog comments.
A mole, digging in a hole - Digging up my soul - Now going down, excavation - I and I in the sky - You make me feel like I can fly - So high, elevation...
Watch this clip: YouTube read as: U2-b (the goal is elevation...)


Mike said...

I tagged this post. I'm enjoying the journey.