Saturday, June 16, 2007

Re-opening the ancient wells in Europe

Please read Mike's posting about Lindisfarne and Glastonbury - the birthplaces of Christianity in England. I also ask your attention for the comment and prayer that I posted on Mike's blog.
I highly recommend Brian Doerksen's CD Holy God and Neal Morse's prog rock epic project Sola Scriptura and his folk cd Songs from the Highway. Both Christian musicians / poets are from the other side of the Atlantic (from my perspective), but they are clearly sending out a call for prayer for Europe.
Brian Doerksen has recorded a special devotional CD on which he shares his heart and ministry for this continent. Neal Morse also responds to God's calling to come to Europe and inspire God's people. He even wrote a song called Prayer for Germany - you can listen to an audio clip here.
Please let me know what you think and pray with me that God will re-open the ancient wells of living water in Europe.


Mike said...

thanks Paul. I love the prayer and say Amen. I have high hopes though. GOD will not give His glory to another or allow his name to be defamed. I feel sure that the Lord will move again across Europe. The real question we have to ask in prayer is, are we ready?

John said...


Is it possible that I see some water leaking into Europe through you? I think yes. Thank you my brother.

Even as I pray for the church in Europe would you also pray for the church in America? I fear that Deuteronomy 6:10-12 could well be written to the body of Christ in America. We must shake off our slumber.

Mike said...


Amen. Many American's seem to think that the church is stronger here than in Europe. I think we have some growing problems that need to be addressed prayerfully.

Panda said...

@ Mike - thanks for this comment. The Spirit is moving all around the world and you are right: we need to be ready and willing to move with Him.

@ John - Yes, I will pray for the church in America. I pray that my brothers and sisters will stand strong together and that they will humbly seek God's will.

I want to share some lyrics with you from songs I like!

Audio Adrenaline

Have you ever been so inclined
Yeah, is it on your mind
The thought we're the Lord's lone protege
Well I thought we were the only hope
Yeah, the world's safety rope
Americana has come, come to save the day
Imagine my surprise
When I realize

CHORUS- Everywhere I go I can see
I'm not the only one
Moving moving to Jesus

I went down to Mexico
Mi amigo
And I found Jesus living outside the USA
Imagine my surprise when i realized



Way to start over

Oh the joy that filled my heart
to know that im just a part
of a bigger and better body
All the way


Chris Tomlin

Let your glory fly
If my people will humbly pray
Turn from sin and their wicked ways
I will hear them and heal their land
And show my glory and power again
Lift your eyes up
Look to the sky
The Lord is coming, coming to America
Can you feel the fire
Can you see the wind
Blowing through
Coming to America again
Go and tell them the blind will see
The lame will walk and the slave is free
Shout the news that the lost are saved
In the name of Jesus the dead are raised