Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lindisfarne / Holy Island

Click on the pic to enlarge! Mike from The Upper Room has kindly told me a little bit more about his visit to Lindisfarne - the next destination in my world-wide virtual island hopping tour. I also received a friendly comment from Phil (see also Phil & Sue) - please take some time to read both comments here.
Lindisfarne, an island that can be reached by causeway only when the tide is low, is an important centre of early Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. In the next couple of weeks I want to learn more about this island and - if possible - get in touch with people who are actually living there in a Christian community. I have no idea whether these people will have access to the internet or not, but finding out about this is part of the fun!
If you want to ask some questions too, please feel free to drop me a line (mail to abspoel at gmail dot com or leave a comment below). I am looking forward to hearing from you!
You can use Google maps to have a look at the map and a satellite image of the island by clicking on this link. It is fun to see how the causeway suddenly disappears in the sea on the Google image. If you click on the combined map / satellite view option, you can follow this road all the way from the coast to the parking lot Mike is referring to in his comment.

View of the nave in the priory church with decorated pillars. Visit this site from English Heritage to find out more.


Mike said...

One of things I found most interesting about the island was how early Christians related to nature. The Lindisfarn gospels are a good example of this. Celtic Christians have a little bit more of a complete view about creation.
There are large numbers of bird watchers who visit the island. I remember many small walks that you can go on and watch the sea birds.