Friday, June 08, 2007

Today is Pascalle's tenth birthday!

And it's easy to see why we are so happy with our 'little' girl! Her T-shirt proclaims: "Genuine Princess, the daughter of the KING, one of a kind." Couldn't be more right. (Click pics to enlarge)


Rodney Olsen said...

Please wish her a happy birthday all the way from Australia.

Our princess, Emily, turns 11 on Tuesday.

Mike said...


Mike said...

Ooops I meant to say "From America HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Pascal! I love your t-shirt, too!

My birthday wishes to you come from Florida in the USA.

Carolanne said...

Happy belated birthday to Psacal! You have such a beautiful smile!
Hope the day was a great one for you. :)

Joshua said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, Paul. All the way from Singapore. =)


Carol L. Douglas said...

Happy Birthday, Pascalle!

Hope you have a good tenth birthday. I like being ten. I am just about finished with fourth grade. This is my last week of school. My favorite subject is science. My least favorite is math. I want to go to the beach on my summer vacation.

Are you eating cream puffs for your birthday? I usually have cake.

I like to play Club Penguin. Have you ever heard of it?

Dwight, age 10
Rochester, NY, USA

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Love your name!!

Panda said...

On behalf of Pascalle, I want to thank you all for your friendly comments and congratulations!

Pascalle says, "I think it is kind that so many people from so many countries are wishing me well and congratulating me! I didn't expect this at all!"

@ Dwight
"Thanks for your happy birthday wishes. I don't know about this penguin game, but I like to play on-line computer games, especially the Anubis game, but I am sure you've never heard about that!
My mother made delicious chocolate and cream cakes for my birthday and we also had an apple pie! Greetings from the Netherlands. Pascalle"